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WS was requested by an area School District and the Ohio School Facilities Commission (OSFC) to perform an independent review of the roof leak problems at one of their city schools, built in 2005. The scope of WS’s investigation was to determine the probable reason for leaks at roofing terminations and transitions to exterior walls, and to determine if what was installed was in conformance with what was specified, submitted and approved in the construction documents.

WS reviewed the construction drawings, specifications and product submittals for the building. Observations were made of the roofing terminations and transitions from on top of the roof and of the underside of the roofing from inside the classrooms.  WS observed the flashing details at both cupolas, at the gable dormers, at the terminations for the rubber membrane and shingled roofs, at roof valleys, at the parapet copings and at the eave flashings.  In addition, WS reviewed the roofing details shown on the construction drawings, the requirements in the specifications and specific product submittals.

WS determined that the actual installed details did not always agree with the details shown on the construction drawings, with the requirements in the specifications, or with the approved details that were submitted by the contractor.