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WS was hired by Jamieson-Ricca, provider and installer of windows for the renovation of Fenn Tower on the campus of Cleveland State University in Cleveland, Ohio. Jamieson Ricca installed over 700 new Graham Architectural Windows that matched Fenn Towers’ original steel windows in appearance and site lines.

WS provided preliminary consultation and engineering of the Graham Windows, and final structural engineering for the support structure. The support structure included wood blocking, horizontal steel components and assessing existing vertical steel components (to be contained within the window system) for adequacy to resist the loads imposed.  The existing vertical steel components were rusted badly at the ground floor and WS provided a fix for this condition.  In addition, WS verified and engineered specific structural support components to which the windows were installed in the renovation. The project was completed on time for students to move in for the Fall Semester. The project received the Cleveland Restoration Society’s 2007 Trustees Award for Preservation Achievement.