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WS was engaged by Conneaut Area City Schools in Conneaut, OH, with representation from Attorney, David Riley, to provide facilities assessment for the roofs, masonry facades, glazed aluminum curtain wall and EIFS facades for the schools within the district,where water penetration had occured in the buildings.

WS provided onsite observation and recording of deficient building envelope, curtain wall and MEP elements. WS prepared a captioned photographic report summarizing the apparent deficiencies observed during the field visit, the apparent extent of deficiencies, and initial recommendations for future activities to fully evaluate the deficiencies and to design the repairs to address the deficient items.

Exploratory testing, including hose nozzle testing similar to AAMA 501.2, standard and soaker bar testing similar to ASTM 1105 were performed. Minor disassembly of certain elements was performed to evaluate hidden conditions and potential deficiencies in selected areas.

A photographic report of findings at each of the schools was created and recommendations made, which included probable repair cost for design, oversight, materials and labor estimations. WS provided expert witness testimony for alternative dispute resolution.