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Wheaton Sprague uses technical expertise to provide support for the legal community, insurance companies, and other private and public agencies to investigate and provide unbiased opinions about problems, issues and solutions. WS can provide a list of client references, past litigation experience, expert witness experience and other qualifications information to assist the client regarding curtain wall, building envelope and roofing systems. To speak to a consultant with regard to litigation services, call us at 330.923.5560 or email at

The senior consultants at Wheaton & Sprague often serve as expert witnesses in construction cases.  Not all the following tasks would be necessary or appropriate in every case, however; WS staff has performed various combinations of those tasks on the cases that we have assisted with.

  • Preparing detailed requests for production of routinely expected documents;
  • Review construction documentation and other documents relative to the case;
  • Provide uncomplicated explanation to attorneys about the technical aspects of the argument;
  • Investigate and assess the quality & suitability of the design and of construction work;
  • If accessible, perform visual assessments, exploratory assessments and perhaps exploratory testing at the building site;
  • Utilize knowledge of the art and sciences, building science principles and methods for evaluations and testing.
  • If needed, arrange, direct and oversee laboratory testing for materials characterization.
  • Estimate costs;
  • Determine compliance with laws, codes, and regulations that were in effect at the time of design & construction;
  • Pursue avenues which may be used to contradict the findings or opinions of opposing expert(s);
  • If applicable, evaluate suitability of the design and conformity to the standard of care;
  • If applicable, evaluate cause and effect for physical defect, and whether the defect is design related or resulted from deficient construction methods;
  • Collect data, prepare sketches, diagrams, schedules, charts, graphs and photographs for report and for exhibits at trial;
  • Prepare expert report, amendments, rebuttal report, sur-rebuttal reports.
  • Review and assess depo transcripts, reports, rebuttals, sur-rebuttals of opposing expert(s);
  • Provide opinions to counsel on strengths or weaknesses of the client’s position;
  • Assist with preparing the questions for cross-examination of the opposing expert(s);
  • Provide input for interrogatories;
  • Produce client requested files for discovery;
  • If requested, provide affidavit;
  • Participate in rehearsals and coaching sessions with attorney.
  • Provide testimony at depositions. Proofread transcripts.
  • Provide testimony at trial.