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Independence High School had been experiencing several serviceability problems since construction in 2005. Their were consistent problems with water leaks at the clerestory windows on the south side of the building and leaks at the stage proscenium and at the gymnasium locker rooms.  A small section of the sloped roof just east of the auditorium appeared to be over-deflected, exposing a portion of the adjacent wall underlayment.  There was some concern that other masonry joints may have been incorrectly installed, that other exposed wall underlayment may be a potential problem, and that the siding and masonry wall at the field house was not installed correctly, causing a gap between them to occur.

WS was retained by legal counsel for the school system to perform an independent third-party investigation, to determine the probable reason for these problems and determine if installation conformed with what was specified, submitted and approved per the original construction drawings, specifications and submittals.

Following our reviews, both of documents provided and field observations, WS produced our findings and made recommendations.