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WS was hired by Kent State University in Kent, Ohio to provide technical consultation services for the preparation of a feasibility study for adding screen walls and roofing elements for protection of the existing roof mounted air handlers and ducting for the Fine Arts building. This study provided our professional opinion as to the viability of the existing structure to support the added screen walls and roofs, and considered wind, snow, and other design events as per current governing codes and standards. 

WS included in our study, the following:
1. Preliminary dead loads and reactions;
2. Preliminary live loads and reactions;
3. Protection of rooftop mechanical units/ducting;
4. Access to rooftop mechanical units/ducting;
5. Penetrations through existing roofs and building envelope;
6. Anchorages and attachments;
7. Constructability and construction tolerances;
8. Accumulation & shedding of ice and snow;
9. Selection of systems types, materials and finishes;
10. Building code requirements;
11. Wind and snow load requirements;
12. Effects on the envelope systems for building frame movements resulting from wind and/or seismic forces;
13. Service life;
14. Probable costs.