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What defines a great region? One that is a must-see destination for tourists PLUS a powerful force in the world economy. One with best-in-class assets, attractions and opportunities, and an alluring quality of life.One with 4 million diverse residents and an enviable lifestyle, PLUS a $140 billion economy. One with a rich history of civic involvement PLUS philanthropy. Cleveland Plus™ is all that and more.

CLEVELAND PLUS—a thriving community that’s unique, affordable and exciting! It’s the 12th largest region in the U.S. with more than 4.1 million residents. Wheaton Sprague is proud to be part of Cleveland Plus, with its genuine character, diverse population, and strong natural assets creating unique opportunities for businesses and residents.

Thriving with business, culture and entertainment, Northeast Ohio boasts beautiful neighborhoods, first-class cultural destinations, green space and shoreline galore, and a warm culture where everyone feels at home. Our cost of living is low and our quality of life is high. With diverse population, and the choice of an urban, suburban or rural lifestyle, Northeast Ohio is full of unique opportunities for businesses and residents.

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LIVE. WORK. PLAY.  All in the Cleveland PLUS region!
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