Wheaton Sprague is very pleased to welcome Evelyn King to the growing staff of the Cary, North Carolina office.

Evelyn comes to us most recently from Accurate Drafting in Norfolk, VA, where she served diligently for nearly ten years. There Evelyn honed her highly developed AutoCAD skills drafting shop drawings for aluminum curtain wall, storefront, windows, sunshades, doors, and all glass elevations. Manufacturer’s products included Kawneer, YKK AP America, Oldcastle/Vistawall, Pittco, Efco, Epco, Doormation, Tubelite, US Aluminum, Manko Window Systems, Wausau Windows, C.R. Laurence, and Dorma.

Always looking to grow and better herself, Evelyn’s education background includes an MBA, a Bachelors of Applied Science in Construction Management, and an Associates of Applied Science in Computer Drafting and Design.

When not at work, Evelyn’s life revolves around her family. She is married to Tonya and has two daughters.  Tonya works in her father’s company doing home repair. Evelyn’s daughter Kayla serves our country in the Navy. She is presently on deployment on the USS George H.W. Bush. Kayla has given Evelyn the blessing of a 2-year old granddaughter named Leilani, who keeps her on her toes! Evelyn’s younger daughter, Sky, is presently in high school. Also included in the family is her nephew, Mikey, who lives with her also. Mikey is 13 and starting high school this year.  Included in the family mix are also two Chihuahuas – one named Skippy, whom Mikey inherited from his grandfather (Evelyn’s father) who passed away last year; and another named Wyatt. Evelyn states that they are a handful! The family recently lost a beloved member, a bearded dragon named Abraxsis (a-brax-sis).

Evelyn grew up in Portsmouth, VA, but has lived all over Hampton Road in Virginia – VA Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Hampton, and Newport News. She’s happy to be remaining in the south and looks forward to life in the Raleigh area.

With any spare time she has, Evelyn enjoys time with family, reading, playing with her granddaughter, puzzle books and coloring – both the kid kind with her granddaughter and the complex adult kind. To further her creativity, Evelyn is trying her hand at photography. Current projects are mostly in nature, but in time she would like to try pictures of people and families in the outdoors.

Although we find her skills in AutoCAD to be a part of her expertise, she also says that with a 2-year old grandchild she has become pretty good at stopping boo-boos from hurting.

Under the category of food she loves, Evelyn indicates that her top three choices are pizza, pizza and more pizza. However, don’t ever try to get her to try beets or anything still moving.

Craig Mertz, Branch Manager of the Cary office has this to say about the hiring of Evelyn King: “We are pleased to welcome Evelyn to our North Carolina team! Evelyn’s extensive knowledge of curtain wall and storefront systems will help us to grow as an office, and continue our pursuit of Creating Structure™ for our clients.”


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