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Wheaton Sprague provides the following curtain wall and building envelope design services for OAC (Owner / Architect / Contractor) clients:

Concept Design/Schematic Design/Design Development: To provide the design team with the ability to present a more defined and expected product within bid documents. This results in better bid prices and a higher quality end product.
Construction Documents:  WS will ensure that the project team and trade contract bidders are presented a defined scope and constructible design for the building envelope or curtain wall system.
Peer Review of Construction Documents Prepared by Others: When not involved for design phases, WS provides a technical review of documents prepared by others.
Bidding and Negotiation: WS assists in the evaluation of the bids and proposals from the trade contractors.
Performance Mock-Up Testing Services: WS provides a test procedure, review and evaluation of the performance mock-up design and physical testing that are applicable to the building project.
Submittal Reviews: WS will reviews the shop drawings, structural calculations and product data for conformance to the specified criteria and design intent.
Factory Observations: In this phase of work, WS will periodically observe fabrication and assembly conditions, methods and techniques, and flag any non-conforming items.
Site Observations: WS will periodically observe building envelope / curtain wall installation conditions and techniques, and flag any non-conforming items. 
Expert Witness Testimony: WS provides litigation support as an expert professional in the resolution of construction claims disputes arising from construction deficiencies, design deficiencies, materials failures, water leakage, construction delay, and accidents.
Construction Claims & Change Order Review: WS provides review and analysis to report findings for any construction claim received regarding the curtain wall / building envelope. 
Forensic Investigation: WS will examine the exterior façade including curtain wall, windows, storefronts, panels, precast, granite, marble, brick, caulking and other building elements for deterioration and performance issues.