Ohio State University Cunz Hall Renovation 2018-03-19T16:38:19+00:00


Cunz Hall is the home of the College of Public Health for The Ohio State University. The 4-story building, built in the mid 1960’s was in a style known as “Brutalist” and had experienced significant problems in the area of air and water infiltration. The proposed renovation of the façade was designed to remedy the aforementioned problems and update the appearance.

As Building Envelope Consultant, WS peer reviewied specifications and details of the facade reconstruction; LEED requirements; selected materials and finishes; the selection of system types; building code requirements; wind load requirements; air and water infiltration considerations, inclusive of secondary barriers and drainage to the exterior; effects on the envelope systems for building frame movements resulting from wind and/or seismic forces; consideration of building structure tolerances; consideration of thermal movement requirements; system attachments; flashing details; sealant selections; environmental conditions; consideration of the energy code requirements for the project, and consideration of the fire resistance systems.

WS reviewed contractor shop drawings, calculations and other project submittals, attending meetings at the job site, assisting in the bidding and award process for the envelope contract(s), performing periodic job-site observations; reviewing contractor quality control procedures and making appropriate recommendations to the Project Team.  Wheaton Sprague concluded the project with the commissioning of the Building Envelope for the owner.