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At WS, we provide a full range of services to cladding system MANUFACTURERS, PRODUCERS AND INSTALLERS. Our staff members have worked directly for, and with manufacturers, fabricators and subcontractors. That gives us a unique perspective, and a deeper understanding for our client’s side of the business. We use recent versions of AutoCAD, and provide Revit services for building information modeling. We can prepare and print drawing sets and can collaborate on and transmit drawings electronically.

Having started in the building envelope engineering industry, we have significant in house resources, as well as years of experience in the industry that will provide beneficial assistance to our cladding system subcontractor clients.WS can assist in complex design problems and unusual geometry. Using current versions of AutoCAd, and Revit for BIM, WS can prepare and transfer drawings.

Some of our specific services include the following:

  • Concept design and development, and structural calculations for bid purposes
  • Cladding system design, development and testing assistance
  • Preparation of die drawings, part drawings and shop drawings and Revit drawings for the mock-up and project curtain wall, building envelope and roofing systems
  • Preparation of structural calculations for the mock-up and project cladding and roofing systems
  • Technical consulting assistance during the bidding process
  • Technical consulting assistance with the fabrication and assembly process
  • Peer review
  • On-site field technical consulting assistance with the curtain wall, cladding system and roofing installation