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Utilizing the current version of LBNL’s THERM and WINDOW software programs, Wheaton Sprague provides Thermal Analysis & Design of curtain wall and exterior cladding systems. Many Specification Sections require computer simulation of enclosure systems in accordance with NFRC guidelines.  WS can prepare thermal computer simulations of designs and products for project applications. WS offers Therm Analysis as a comprehensive or standalone service.

A Therm Simulation is beneficial:
For determining thermal separator materials and positions within the extrusion assembly
Can be used to verify a system U-Value and cold spots for condensation potentiality
Beneficial for determining expected product thermal performance prior to die release, manufacturing & installation

A Project Specific Thermal Simulation:
Can show expected performance and be used to prepare average wall system conductance and condensation resistance
Adjacent substrates can be included in the modeling to show suitability and/or deficiency in the Architect’s details.