When Should You Hire a Consultant? 2018-03-21T18:40:24+00:00


Time and time again, we see that it is critical to involve a consultant as soon in the project as possible – at the beginning of the Delegated Design Phase or sooner.

Here’s why:
In many instances, building enclosure contractor pricing is based on DD (or early CD) documents is gathered by the project team. At this time of budget pricing, the design details and performance criteria are usually not fully developed and may not incorporate best practices aimed at avoiding premature deficiencies. The pricing from these early exercises usually sets the bar for project budgets and solidifies the category budgets used in the pro forma financial evaluation for verifying project feasibility. A specialist consultant hired subsequent to the aforementioned activities may suggest revisions or inclusions to the design, potentially increasing the anticipated construction budget. Going back to the drawing board at this point puts the project team in a tough position, often jeopardizing project schedule and budget.

Engaging a WS specialist consultant prior to the release of documents for pricing has proven only to be beneficial to the project team. CONTACT US